Lizabeth Of Marigolds Character Analysis Essay

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Jasmine Harmston March 3, 2016 Character Analysis: Lizabeth of Marigolds Lizabeth is one to experience the formidable changes of flourishing into a grown woman, as can be seen throughout the story of ‘Marigolds’ by Eugenia Collier. Growing up in the decrepit time of the Great Depression, Lizabeth was unacquainted of the world outside her shanty neighborhood. Society’s burdened responsibility was thrusted upon her, though her childishness persona. Her callowness and immaturity demeanor ceased to exist when an act of sudden revelation ensued, she loses innocence-gaining her conscious mind of womanhood. Along with the other adolescents of the neighborhood, Lizabeth was innocent-still of youth. Her immature mind struck her to act in a fractious…show more content…
She lets her erratic emotions get the better of her, and commits one last act of immaturity. After furiously destroying Ms. Lottie’s marigolds-the only form of beauty left for the whole neighborhood- Lizabeth realized that “that was the moment when childhood faded and womanhood began.” When Lizabeth had seen Ms. Lottie’s look of melancholy and sorrow, she had finally understood how gravely important the marigolds were to the old lady. In that moment, Lizabeth knew what she had done was remorseful, and she couldn’t help but feel compassionate towards her, “Whatever verve there was left in her, whatever was of love and beauty and joy that had not been squeezed out by life, had been there in the marigolds she had so tenderly cared for.” Innocence, maturity, and compassion; all of which Lizabeth felt during her transition from child to adult. In conclusion, though her past-childish endeavors, it tediously guided her to become the woman she eventually developed into. In light of the path to maturity, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to
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