Lizette Farah Short Story

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Lizette Farah Farah and Mauricio Gebara Rahal were married in 2001, accompanied by 600 guests they exchanged vows in the church Madre de Dios de Ceztochowa, in the small community of Lomas de Tecamachalco, Naucalpan, state of Mexico. Lizette Farah was the daughter of Lidia Farah Morales and Bechara Naim Farah, a Lebanese immigrant and prominent businessman. Ever since a young age, Lizette enjoyed the privileges of being born into a wealthy family, she went to the best private schools in Mexico and soon became a lawyer. Mauricio, on the other hand, had become a successful businessman himself, exceeding in real state alongside his brothers. Eventually, the pair had their first child, whom they called Lizette, and started their life together as a family. On the 20th of July 2005, Paulette Gebara Farah came into the world. The girl was born at only 25 weeks old, weighing 800 grams and measuring 35 cm. She was so small doctors didn’t think she could survive, but, strong as she was, she proved them all wrong. Her miraculous birth did, however, caused her to suffer from disabilities: Paulette had trouble speaking and doctors said she would never be able to walk. Paulette proved them wrong once again, and she learned how to walk with the help of horse theraphy. After that, the girl fell in love with horses.…show more content…
Paulette required constant visits to the pediatrician, expensive medications and therapy sessions. Their girl couldn’t formulate full sentences and could only pronounce words such as “mom”, “dad”, “water” and “food”; and although she was able to attend school as other kids her age, she still required special attention. As they pleaded on national television, an entire country sympathised with the heartbroken parents of the 4 year old; not realizing that they would become the prime suspects in the murder of Paulette Gebara
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