Lizzie Borden: A Feminist Analysis

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a feminist advocates the rights and equality of a woman. Therefore, in Blood Relations by Sharon Pollock, Lizzie Borden, the protagonist defines her role as a feminist to advocate her rights and equality for her independence. Thus, Lizzie Borden wants to gain the property from her father when he passes, to illustrate her independence and take control of her actions. However, since she is a woman, her father does not allow her to take control as he believes that men have the power to impose the rights. Therefore, Lizzie takes actions and advocates her beliefs to prove that she has an equal right for herself. As a result, Lizzie Borden is a feminist through the political, economical and social rights she advocates. Thus, Lizzie argues her beliefs to prove her actions, playing games with Dr. Patrick and her father in order to control her own decisions. Therefore, Lizzie Borden is a feminist who advocates her…show more content…
Patrick as she is not a typical woman. Lizzie does not back down and proves to Dr. Patrick how she can comes up with her owns ideas and able to achieve them on her own. “I am a person of worth,” (62) Lizzie says to demand that she is worthy and as capable of her own actions. Lizzie’s role as a feminist advocates the social rights of her freedom, not having to rely on Dr. Patrick or any man when making her decisions. Thus, Lizzie plays a game to prove her relationship with Dr. Patrick. Lizzie uses Dr. Patrick as a test subject to prove how men do not benefit her actions because he does nothing to help her. “You are a coward,”(64) Lizzie tells Dr. Patrick because of his inability to respond or fight back against what Lizzie states about his love life. Thus, Lizzie takes control of her freedom to separate a division between men and women. Therefore, Lizzie takes control into her own hands to illustrate the social rights of committing an act without anyone’s
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