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In 1948, Agnes de Mille premiered one of her most popular ballets, The Legend of Fall River. The premier occurred at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City in the spring of that year. Ms. de Mille set the final product on Ballet Theatre, now American Ballet Theatre, despite being on tour for the majority of the creation of the piece. De Mille breathes life back into this piece of history with choreography and drama. The ballet is centered on the actions of an affluent and afflicted woman of Massachusetts, Lizzie Borden. Borden is on trial for the murder of her father and stepmother. It is suspected that she murdered them with a sharp, heavy object, similar to a hatchet. These murders were quite gruesome in nature. The victims each received…show more content…
I will begin with a foundation that is one shade lighter than my natural skin tone. This is to give the effect of having an afflicted mind and a general sense of illness. Even taking the circumstances into account, I believe someone in perfect health would not kill their family. In all the pictures and videos that I have found of the performance, Lizzie is always in a dark green or emerald colored dress. I plan to wear a similar color to create the same type of aura for the character. Lizzie’s hair is simple and pulled back into a low bun. The ballet is set in the late 1800s. In this time the women had very simple hair and makeup. The rest of my makeup will be within a cool color pallet to compliment the dark green of the…show more content…
To achieve this look will make my jawline and cheekbone shadow more dramatic. To make the sculpting more effective I will create contrast with more intense highlight. I hope to create rigid and terse features on my face. My eyebrows will be very pronounced. They will not be very shaped because women in those days did not significantly shape their brows as a part of their daily beauty routine. I will extend them out beyond my natural frame to create a wider and more dramatic look for my eyes. The added drama will further the story of a crazed woman driven to

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