Was Lizzie Borden To Blame For Lizzie's Murder?

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Have you ever killed some one? Over a 100 years ago Lizzie's parents were brutally murdered by someone and the only person they focused on was the daughter lizzie borden. Lizzie Borden was the axe murderer no doubt about it because all the signs pointed to no other than Lizzie herself. The reason I think Lizzie killed her parents was because she didn't like her stepmother and thought if she didn't kill her father her father would think its her. Lizzie is a true mastermind to have gotten away with murder because there is no other explanation to Lizzie's parents brutal death.

Lizzie was acquitted of the murdering her parents but there wasn't enough physical evidence against her to prove that she was the axe murderer that killed her parents. Lizzie hid her steps very well and played it off real cool but she forgot one thing this is the 21 century and although it has never been really solve I can show you my thinking of what happened. In the first article Lizzie Borden murderess or media sensation. It states¨There is no physical evidence leading her to the murders.¨Although they did not find any physical evidence. That is the key word here physical they still found some things that she did odd. Lizzie would change her answer of where she was at the time of the murder. This is some evidence it was not physical and
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Although they didn't find her guilty with the evidence I portrayed to you to day it is pretty clear to say that she was the axe murderer. All my reasons and up the main summary is that she tried hiding the evidence and tried leaving no bloody footprints to herself. Lizzie borden is a true master mind to get away with murder and on top of that stay in that same town. Wait why did she stay in that town you might ask if she did kill her parents. Well the answer to that is simple she hid in plain
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