Lizzie Bright And The Buckminster Boy Analysis

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Summer Reading: Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy

Summary of section one
Turner Buckminster is the son of the new minister of Phippsburg, Maine. He just moved from Boston, however he had a really hard time to fit in this community. In Phippsburg, people play baseball in a totally different way, Turner didn’t know how to swing the baseball bat properly. In this way, a churlish boy named Willis Hurd intimidated him when he went to play baseball. In addition, Turner was punished to read books to Ms. Cobb every day since he threw rocks at her house. As for Turner’s father who always had the impassive visage, felt ashamed of his son.

Summary of section two
Turner met Lizzie Bright, an African-American girl living with her grandpa on Malaga
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Everyone should have the courage to do something right.

Thematic Statement
The world will not be destroyed by the evil, but by those bystanders who do nothing to stop the violence.

Key lines
1. “So, Turner Buckminster III. When you look through the number at the end of your name, does it seem like you’re looking through prison bars?” Mrs. Hurd asked. (Loc
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“Nobody in town will let him forget that he’s a minister’s son, over if he doesn’t act like one?”
(Loc 200)
3. “There is not one of…any land on the island.” (Loc 426)
4. “He thought just then that sometimes God could get something exactly right.” (Loc 737)
5. “Good lord… at all.” (Loc 832)
6. “The congregation will tell you what it thinks, and what it wants you to think.” (Loc 972)
7. “Books can ignite fires in your mind, because they carry ideas for kindling, and art for matches.” (Loc 2106)
8. “You will always be administers son.” (Loc 2445)

Questions I still have
1. In the first two chapters, the author mentioned so many images relating to death. Why did he do
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