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Luk fook Holdings (international) limited established in 1991 is one of the fastest developing retailers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, founded by a Mr. Wong Wai Sheung. With a total of over more than 1300 shops worldwide, it engages in trademark licensing, retailing, designing, wholesaling and sourcing of vast variety of jewelry such as gold, platinum, gem-set jewelry and ornaments. In order to benefit from the rising demands of jewelry and luxury goods consumption among mainland citizens in china, Luk fook has expanded its jewelry retail network in china rapidly and impressively. Its wide international ranges include countries like United States, Australia and Canada.
In the following paper we discuss the strategic retails marketing plan
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It has a bold corporate vision, “Brand of Hong Kong, Sparkling the world”. Luk Fook aims to provide its customer with qualified and valuable products which outweighs its price and their sincere hospitable services. Luk fook through its dedicated commitment to creating finest crafted jewelry would like to establish its reputation in the international market. Promoting Hong Kong to the world through their products is also one of their main focus by expanding the business and bringing the cultures and traditions of Hong Kong…show more content…
By inviting famous celebrities or bloggers arranging a DIY or designing jewelry class or competition open to the public where they could make their own jewelry. Where the best design would win a price. This would evoke social awareness among people and even the press could be invited which would give a high media coverage and help promote the brand to attract different kinds of customers.
Luk fook could also Cross-over with a local Cartoon Character or publish a Mascot to promote its brand. Mcdull, a famous Hong Kong cartoon character can be used by producing comic series or cartoons about Luk Fook jewelries. This will create a connection between Luk Fook and the local Hong Kong people thereby creating more brand recognition and will create a lasting brand and corporate culture information to the

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