Llama And Interesting Narrative Summary

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Llama and Interesting Narrative are two interesting documents that produced by two different authors. José de Acosta wrote Llama and Interesting Narrative written by Equiano. The purpose of Llama was to let the audience inform that Llamas was an important animal in many aspects. People used them as transportation to goods. On the other hand, the purpose of Interesting Narrative is to let the readers know that he was one of the many Africans who were sold by slave traders to English slavers bound for North America. The world “Llama” simply means sheep. Once upon a time there was a sheep lived in Peru. After Columbus’ arrival in Americas, the sheep used them for transportations, food, and clothing. These sheep were cheap because they ate anything…show more content…
Although both Llama and Interesting Narrative are two different documents they both have a lot of elements in common. Europeans used both Llama and slavery to get what they wanted to optimize their lifestyles. America was huge land that had nothing before trade. To make America a better place to live, Europeans started to make profit out of farming and increasing population by slavery. To increase the population to work for free, million of Africans were brought to the America to work under horrible conditions. The Africans were sold in many ways. They were sold to traders by other Africans, and eventually forced into slavery. Slaves were placed aboard ships to be taken across the Atlantic. Similarly, Europeans used sheep to make their lifestyles better. As the author says in the document “A very sort of sheep exists in Peru, which the Indians called llama. They used these animals to transport goods and silver the mines, they ate their meat and used their wool for making blankets.” These examples are the evidences that show that Europeans were able to take the leadership to change the society in various ways to bring changes in the new world. They treated people to enhance success in the country setting and these are the reasons why they are
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