Llamas: Differences Among Mammals

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Normally found in zoos and farms, are llamas. Llamas are mammals that aren’t very popular among the american favorites, but they are very interesting creatures.
The llamas came to the USA about 40 million years ago and they migrated to South America and Asia about 3 million years ago. The llamas cousins are the camel and alpaca. The differences between the llama and camel are that the camel has a hump on his back, while a llama doesn’t. Their kingdom is Animalia, their family is Camelidae, and their scientific name is Lama Glama, and their type is a mammal.
Llamas are herbivores and they mostly eat grass, leaves, and (bamboo, hay, straw) shoots.
When mad at each other, llamas will spit. There’s no need to be afraid,

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