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Llama’s are huge mammals that can weigh up to 450 pounds thats as much as a piano!

Some physical traits that llama’s have is a different size and shape as many other animals. Their size can relate to a six foot man in height. (Llama) Llama’s are big mammals that have a high amount of hemoglobin in their bloodstream. Llama’s are some what related to camels, they both have long necks and arms. (Llama Glama) They are surprisingly big and tall, they can weigh 280 pounds to 450 pounds. (Breeds of livestock- Llama)

A llama’s habitat is in mountainous and desert like areas where shrubs and grasses are located. They like drier regions such as desert like places that are drier than other regions. The range of elevation they like to live in is around 7,545.93 feet to 13,123.36 feet. Llama’s inhabit elevations no bigger than 13,123.36 feet above sea level. The northern region has temperature and
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Llama’s are known to communally shared locations for feces. They are also very highly social and live in groups up to twenty llama’s. Llama’s tend to stay in groups that can be led by a male llama that aggressively defends his position by fighting. Llama’s has a certain stance which is laying sideways on the ground with their neck lowered and their tail raised. Llama’s are aggressive to predators and have been known to spit, charge. Bit, and kick. Llama’s have a variety of low and yammering call which their very good at. (Llama Glama)

Llama’s diets are very healthy they eat many green plants and find there food in groups. They like to eat leaves, roots, tubers, seeds, grains, nuts, sap, and plant fluids. Llama’s like to live in dry climates, llama’s get their moisture from food. Llama’s can be good a food for a while considering they have three stomachs. Llama’s drink about two to three gallons of water per day. A llama’s favorite food to eat are low shrubs. Liches, and mountain vegetation. (Llama

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