Lloyd Marion Kauffman Biography

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Ewing Marion Kauffman was one of Kansas City’s richest and most philanthropic citizens to ever live. Just about every person who lives in his home town is familiar with his work. He dedicated most of his wealth to the people of Kansas City and he is a symbol of generosity and success to all Kansas City natives.
Kauffman was born on a small farm in Garden City, Missouri, September 21, 1916 but was raised in Kansas City. His parents were John Samuel Kauffman and Effie Mae Winders. Ewing had a normal childhood and was exposed to business at an early age. Several events during Ewing’s early life heavily influenced his professional career.
Samuel Kauffman would periodically challenge his son with complex mathematical problems. Ewing took these exercises to elementary school and became proficient in algebra. Kauffman credits his father for teaching him how to “handle
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He was the company 's first salesperson west of the Mississippi River. He was immensely successful at his job, selling drugs and vitamins to physicians. Kauffman was so successful that he was making more money on commission than the president of the company.1 Angered by Kauffman’s success the company cut his sales territory and commission percentage. In retaliation, Kauffman quit his job in 1950 and started his own pharmaceutical company.
He named his company Marion Laboratories Inc. He cleverly used his middle name to appear as if his company was not a single manned operation. He was a kind and charismatic president. Most of the people referred to him as Mr. K. Kauffman started his company in the confines of his basement but it quickly became an industry giant . At its height Marion Labs was making a profit of one billion dollars a year with three thousand four hundred associates. It was one of the largest health care providers and in 1989 he sold his company to Merrel Dow for 5.7 billion
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