Lloyd's Tragic Hero

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It is still a mystery to Lloyd as to how Emil can come into the forest; he is a high ranking member of the followers of the God General of Fire and Darkness; it’s possible that he got permission from his god. However, Emil does look identical to the god in which he serves, so it’s possible for him to be the God General’s son; that would explain why he has such a high ranking position despite only being twenty six, also would explain why he stopped ageing at twenty one. Such a convent age makes Lloyd wonder if Emil is fudging his age a little; especially since he actually looks younger than Lloyd. And Emil has always loved red wine; in which annoyed Lloyd since he couldn’t report him when he first found Emil drinking wine; at least Emil never drinks enough to get drunk.…show more content…
Other things Emil does that annoys Lloyd include; persistent flirting with him, ‘innocently’ walking in on Lloyd while he is taking a shower, trying to join Lloyd after walking in on him, sometimes succeeding in that endeavor, being five inches taller than Lloyd, teaching the girls to call Lloyd mommy when they were younger, and keeping secrets; Lloyd’s still not sure what position Emil holds in the church, he didn’t even know that Emil had a sister until she found their house while taking a walk, his sister 's extremely close resemblance to the Goddess of Blood and Fury; to the point that Lloyd is 99.999% sure that she is the Goddess; only adding to his theory that Emil is in fact the son of the God General of Fire and
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