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Within the Lloye Warner’s family business, their exist a strong unique culture of a blended approach, which incorporates the values and influences that they have is shown though the support that is given to each family although they operate different branches or differing types of establishment. They have also master the use of parallel strategic planning in the day to day operations of the establishments as well as their commitment, allowing it to continue along the road of success building on the businesses core competencies. The business success however is not only as a result of the family name but because of the strategies they have used throughout its operations to remain a customer-oriented company providing continued support to customers through their services and products in a world that is indeed competitive and ever changing. In addition, family members and non-family members employed within the business are treated the same. As well as, the role of communicating information within the business acts as a stepping stone for the children to be successful entrepreneurs to…show more content…
Lloye has been practicing an ambassador CEO exist style for years. This was evident by Kurt reminiscing on the times he was given the opportunity to run the business by himself while his father and mother left the country. It gave Kurt a sense of honor and trust bestowed by his father, whenever he was allowed to run the family business on his own. This has been Mr. Warner’s key strategy to develop the next generation’s leadership for the business. Lloye Warner also plays a diplomatic duty of chairing the Tobago Supermarket Association on behalf of Penny Savers. The fact that Lloye has allowed his family, Kurt and Janice to share in the management of his businesses, demonstrates that level of democratic style leadership that is embedded in his personal entrepreneurial

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