Loads Of Fun Case Study

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Loads of Fun In the Assignment 2: Loads of Fun I have an opportunity to apply leadership concepts and ideas to a real-world situation to design a personal leadership plan for Joan Salmon. She is about to take over the family business, to expand it and keep her business moving forward. Invitations Inc. produces and sells a variety of invitation styles at different price points but her most popular items seem to be either the “budget” invitations or the “high end” expensive paper products. As a consequence, being able to satisfy and inspire clients is an essential part for the company. There are already some aspects that Joan wants to pay attention such as to take stock of the company, to explore the online market for future growth potential,…show more content…
As a new CEO, Joan should take some course in order to become a great specialist in the field of the Asian culture. She will be full of knowledge about traditions and values not only in Singapore, but also in other Asian countries, where the Invitation Inc. has perspectives to explore market place. It will help to focus on the Asian market of selling invitations and to begin business in new countries. Therefore, having an appointment with one firm in Singapore can interest other profitable companies to carry on cooperation with the Invitation Inc. Invitation Inc. is located in Kent, Washington one of the largest lumber towns in the country and being closed to the paper source the company has saved a lot of money in the past. After published article in the Kent Country gazette, the company should to seek “green” methods of production. Thus, in order to eliminate this type of article, the company should begin to think about how to create products by using less paper and more other recyclable resources. This policy will probably attract for cooperation new costumers and organizations that are confederates with the idea of green…show more content…
It seems axiomatic that positioning innovation as a core value or business model is a high-reward, high-risk proposition. And that means that creating an innovation culture may very well require a different approach to leadership, a different way of thinking about yourself, and a different way of being mindful of your own development as a leader (Henry Doss, 2014). As a result, Joan should accept the challenge presented by Kent County Gazette and is creating initiatives towards “going green.” All of the staff affected by this will be involved to confirm their understanding and support. In order to sustain meaningful change, they will need to embrace and understand the importance. In addition, the web site where everyone can buy invitations directly and print them locally will be one of the innovations that Joan wants to

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