Loafers Bread Company Ethnography Analysis

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My ethnography and fieldwork takes place at Loafers Bread Company in Wexford, Pennsylvania. The business is located in Wexford Plaza, along with many other restaurants and shops. I chose this company for my ethnography because two of my good friends from high school work there and I decided it would be interesting to see what it was like as they are always talking about Loafers. It was easy to establish contacts because I had my friends there to help me out and introduce me to the others. My first encounter with the group went well. The one new face I met the first day was very open and bubbly, which I later learned was how she always was. The friends I already knew, Addie and Genevieve, introduced me to Anna quickly, as I had come at a busy time. We had a quick chat about our mutual friends while I ordered a muffin. Anna mentioned briefly that she “love[s] working with Addie…show more content…
The place has a certain quaint charm to it that is very inviting. When you enter through the double doors you can walk up to the counter and see into the kitchen. The only thing blocking your view are the rolling shelves stacked with various different kinds of bread1. The chalkboard menus are placed above the counter, written neatly and changing everyday. Moving away from the bread and further down the counter, there is a sandwich station and soups in the back2. There is a partition separating the counter and ordering area and the dining space. The dining area consists of a few booths and some small tables. The space is pretty small, but the tables are packed in it. If there are a lot of people, it can get quite crowded and loud in the dining area. Loafers is open from ten in the morning until seven in the evening. They are closed on Sundays. This made it somewhat challenging to go in often enough for the project, as I only came home on weekends. I managed to find a schedule however that worked
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