Lobby And Bell Desk Case Study

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In this chapter, you will understand the roles and responsibilities of the Front Office Management.
4.1 Lobby and Bell Desk
The primary responsibility of the Bell Desk is to ensure the efficient running of the Front Office Shifts. The duties include provision of outstanding guest service, assistance of all Front Office Staff and maintaining a quiet, professional environment every time. The importance of bell desk is of multiple natures. The person who handles all these functionalities is defined as the Guest Relations Executive.
Most of the people today have a fast paced life and are always running after time to do what they are asked to do. Sometimes, they just want to pause, relax and have a moment where they are free from all the deadlines.
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They can work in distinct number of settings like in hotels or restaurants. Despite of these diverse settings they have to work well in dealing with people. First, they will receive a guest on check in and helps the guest in keeping the luggage safe on one side. They are the persons who are in the line with the front office staff in meeting and greeting the guests…show more content…
Luggage handling: The luggage handling of the guest is done at various occasions such as arrival, change of rooms during stay and at the time of departure. When the luggage of the guests moved from car/taxi at the time of arrival to the lobby and further to the room allotted, the activity is termed as the “Up bell activity”. When the luggage of the guest is moved from the room to lobby and further to the car/taxi at the time of departure, the activity is called “down bell activity”.
2. Paging: Apart from luggage handling, paging is also a responsibility of Bell Desk, and is termed as the system of locating the guest in the hotel. Sometimes, the in-house guest expects a phone call or a visitor but is not willing to wait in the room and might decide to go to public area such as bar, restaurant, swimming pool, lobby or lounge etc. In such instances, the hotel requests the guest to tell about his whereabouts through a location form. Usually it is filled in by the guest but most often it may be filled in by the staff in the hotel on the instructions of the

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