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I attended LGBT Lobby Day, sponsored by One Colorado, on March 26th at Central Presbyterian Church in Denver. This event focused on four significant bills/actions in the current session that can significantly impact the LGBTQ community both in a positive or negative way. The event was well organized and had a clear outline of its intended goals for the day. I enjoyed learning about the bills and how to appropriate address counterarguments with congress people that have opposing viewpoints. There was a thorough training about the bills and how to effectively lobby. The audience for this presentation was for the average citizen and they walked everyone on how a bill becomes a law, showing where each bill is in the process. As a concerned citizen…show more content…
I gained insight on the effects of the therapies by hearing anecdotes of individuals losing their loved ones after they had gone through the therapy. Participants also stated that the opposing party uses the American College of Pediatrics as their scientific source in support of conversion therapy, even though ACP isn’t reputable like the American Medical Association who uses evidence-based practices and opposes conversion therapy. The organizer also gave us examples of organizations such as Focus on the Family, mostly in Colorado Springs, that still believe in conversion therapy and its efforts. It was more impactful for me to be with supporters and advocate in addition to research about the therapy and the bill. This allowed me to put the bill into perspective and be a better advocate for LGBTQ youth. I thought it was interesting how much they focused on social media. As a person who does not use it much, I did not find it very useful to go into depth on which social media outlet can reach most people. Considering that involvement ins social media is the norm, it was a useful strategy for the facilitators to implicate. For individuals who do not rely on social media, they provided contact information of community partners to network with. I found this the most beneficial for me as I can see which organizations are allies to this community and will be more likely to participate in

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