Lobby Hero Analysis

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I enjoyed Lobby Hero. Although, I am a big fan of Michael Cera so I may be somewhat biased. The show asks you to examine many ethical questions. It makes you think about what you put first. Should family go above justice and truth? Should you tell the truth even if it costs you your job? Lobby hero creates many issues that have no real answer. There is no set terms of black and white and it is interesting to see characters ideas and values come out of their discussions. I didn’t love the ending, I felt like it left me with many questions, but that might have been intentional. Most of the action happened off stage and we only heard reports of it so having no real ending was a bit of a letdown. But, the use of characterization and diction was…show more content…
Jeff is a young and good natured white security guard for an apartment building’s lobby. He is in debt and living with his brother and wants to move out. He often works night shifts were he sleeps while pretending to be reading a paper and looks the door so people have to knock to come in. He brings light and humour into dark situations. He likes Dawn and tries to get to know her when her partner is busy upstairs. He wants to leave his job and go into something different like marketing. He faces a moral dilemma of telling Dawn what he knows about William’s situation. He decides the right thing to do is tell her what he knows after he hears about how brutal the attack on the innocent nurse was. Bill is a young white highly recognized police officer. He has a wife but is known to cheat on her with a woman who lives in the apartment building he often visits and with his partner Dawn. He is a pathological liar. He tells Dawn that she can do anything and is a great cop but tells Jeff she’s a little girl in a cop uniform that needs to be watched over. He blackmails her into doing sexual favours with him so he will back up her account of an incident when some claimed she used too much force. He believes in backing up your group no matter what they do. He backs up William’s story and vouches for him as a reliable source. He is driven by power and desire often in the show. He holds his power over Dawn when he threatens her and takes breaks from his job for social visits to lady friends. William is youngish black man in charge of security at the apartment building. He often speaks on how he is dedicated to sticking to the book and would fire people who don’t. He faces a moral dilemma of corroborating his brother’s story to save his brother from the busy, poorly informed public lawyer he was assigned to. His entire family was relying on him to back up his
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