Lobbyism In Texas

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The effect of Lobbyist in a democratic society is substantial, in both their economic and political power to sway votes in their favor. Throughout the history of Texas government these entities, both corporations, and people have seen their influential muscle flexed throughout the city of Austin. Examining how and why these groups exist, as well as in what manner they go about making money and contributing money to causes that they deem important. Gives a good insight into what exactly makes this world so appealing to all involved. After taking a look at the way, these lobbyists come to survive and thrive. A look at how one man and his backing help keep an entire pharmaceutical company in the position of running a monopoly. This man is named…show more content…
To conclude the view of lobbying in Austin a look into Governor Rick Perry 's most infamous failure and the role that lobbyist played in this saga. Governor Perry went from a small government Republican to a liberal Democrat, vetoing an almost unanimously passed legislature bill and threatening to call a special session. This despite the fact that the majority of Texas citizens disagreed with the Governor, he held steadfast and specific construction lobbyist spent a lot of money to make sure that Governor Perry went against the citizens that voted him into office. Lobbyists in the Texas government hold a tremendous amount of power, this power is held through the financial and political backing that specific groups are able to attain. The obtainment of this power is used in order to pass bills that ordinary citizens would never…show more content…
As Michael Baye writes in the American Economic Review, "the justice system precludes politicians from explicitly selling the prize to the highest bidder. Thus, politicians cannot let it become public knowledge that they are in the business of selling political favors. So an interesting market has been created to overcome this constraint, lobbying" (Baye 1993). Seemingly harsh words by the author, a closer examination of the world lobbyist reside in shows it to in fact be a market to buy and sell political favors. Politicians will always try and mask that this is not the case by proclaiming every bill they support is for the betterment of the local voters. However, the betterment they speak of is one that exist for certain citizens with deep pockets and ideas that differ from the average suburban people. Subsequently, the politician by supporting a certain bill and helping lobbyist achieve their aim finds his own aim closer to being achieved. Through the advancement of the politicians Political Action Committee. Political Action Committees exist for the sole purpose of allowing a politician to accept contributions to fund his current and future campaigns as governor or president. "Lobbyist make implicit payments to the politician through campaign contributions" (Baye 1993). While
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