Loblaw's Sustainability Case Study

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In order to maintain sustainability, Loblaw’s must alleviate global business challenges such as sourcing with integrity. In 2013, 1,127 people dies in the warehouse collapse in Rana Plaza, Bangladesh. The warehouse produced Joe Fresh clothes, a low-priced brand that Loblaw’s sells in their stores. When news of this event occurred, Loblaw quickly sought to alleviate the incident (McClearn, 2013). Loblaw’s measures to alleviate this strain are fairly comprehensive and complete. To exemplify, Loblaw’s was the only Canadian enterprise to sign “the fire safety accord”; an initiate to improve working conditions in the garment industry in Bangladesh. Loblaw’s alleviation was increased by raising vendor standers and audits to decreases the risk of…show more content…
Loblaw’s approach to these sustainability issue is to join the carbon disclosure project which gave Loblaw’s a score of 82% in 2015. The disclosure report indicates that Loblaw’s uses a specific climate change risk management approach where a boards of directors meet every six months or more to discus concerns. The environment polices discussed are then incorporated in Loblaw’s business. The main focus to address pollution and global warming are reducing electricity usage, fuel consumption, refrigeration leaks and reduce waste (Michaud, 2015). Now, Walmart and Metro are also involved with the carbon disclosure project. Similar to Loblaw’s, Walmart uses a board of committee members who meet annually to evaluate climate change risks that can impact the company. The process on how Walmart integrates these ideas into business is more complex and detailed with it’s three core elements; opportunity, community and sustainability. Walmart also considers climate change on the corporate level, risk assessment and business energy level. In considering how much more complete Walmart’s response is in comparison to Loblaw’s, it is fitting that Walmart received a higher carbon disclosure ranking of 92% (Gomez, 2015). Metro’s complete carbon disclosure project, was not made public, but company scored an 89% which was higher than Loblaw’s score. In using metro CSR report, they company’s approach is to reducing lighting (energy) by using LED, and also like Loblaw’s, Metro monitors refrigeration leaks and waste (Metro Inc., 2015), (CDP, 2015). Therefore in terms of global warming and pollution, Loblaw’s is least advanced of the three industries due to lowest score; even despite the fact they meet more regularly than

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