Loc Nguyen Early Childhood

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Loc Nguyen, was born in 1979, and he was a teenager from early 1992 until 1998. Loc’s family included his father( Dai ), mother( Bien), sister( Emily ),second older brother( Danh ), third older brother( Jack ), the youngest brother is ( Dia ). Loc’s typical day was going to school, coming home, and doing homework. Loc and his friends from school or neighborhood hangout after finishing doing homework, they play soccer on the street, football games, and sometimes they play kickoff where different team tries to score in each penalty kick. In 1986s, Loc attended a normal school like everyone else. The teacher always stands in front of the chalkboard to teach all the students, and sometime the teacher teach the class with filmstrip projector. In the morning Loc has to get up and get ready, eat breakfast, then ride a bike to school. All the homework that Loc have from the teacher’s on the worksheet or textbook. Loc play soccer, track, and tennis for the school team, Loc practice with his team everyday and he play one game every week. Loc play sports at school so he came home late sometimes to do his homework that the teacher assign him at school, sometimes Loc do some chores when he get home from practice.…show more content…
Loc family ate dinner together at 6:20 pm everyday at the kitchen table, is the place when all the people in the family discuss their event of the day. Loc family dinner may last about an hour, because they enjoy the conservation that they all talking about and enjoying the desert that Loc mother and sister make for the family. After dinner, Loc brother and sister have to divide the job who’s going to wash clean up and wash the dishes. Each day Loc brother and sister take turns to clean up the table and wash the dishes, then the remaining time that they have left they have to complete their homework if they didn’t finish
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