Case Study Of Local Coffee Shop

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1 Local coffee shop The Morning Bean was desperate, looking for any way to save its business and compete with local coffee rival ‘Starbucks’. The owner decided to reach out and ask for advice from a local marketing team that can make his outdated and suffering coffee shop into a thriving local business in the community. With the help of the four P’s as a team we’ve come up with several suggestions for the owner to think about that will without a doubt save his business. Before any other aspect is determined, place should be examined first. It is recommended that the shop is moved to a location next to a university, such as University of Bridgeport, and focus on the other factors from there to establish a brand. Having the location be next…show more content…
How do the customers see your organization? First impressions are vital – people make snap judgements about everything they see. The customer, upon seeing it is a coffee shop, already expects the coffee to be good, but it must be emphasized that this coffee shop is of a higher caliber. With a location next to a university, a complementing marketing strategy must be used. Providing samples, handing out and putting up fliers, and having employees promote the brand at school events can help raise awareness; one strategy would be to go to school orientation and handing out free samples of coffee along with goodie bags with contents like business cards, stickers of the logo, punch cards for free drinks, packaged samples of food for sale, and fragrance strips that smell of coffee can illicit interest easily. Fragrance strips specifically both cause a coffee craving without immediate relief and appeal to two very modern, American traits: the desire to smell and taste (Source 3). They are typically used for perfume but using them for coffee can give someone a craving even if they’re in class as long as they have that fragrance…show more content…
When facing a competitor like Starbucks, quality is a great way to stand out and draw a crowd; who would not prefer a better, cheaper cup of coffee? Starbucks coffee, while good and possibly distinct by necessity, is not the best you can get. Your coffee shop does not have to get top of the line coffee, but noticeably higher quality coffee goes a long way. (Source 1, 8) Important too are the other ingredients that go into the coffee – milk, cream, sugar, milk, syrups, and anything else that might be added to a cup must be high quality as

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