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Most of the local community in Singapore establish their own local neighborhood authority. These authorities are working as the main local association in the neighborhood area. According to our respondents, they are operating and engaging about the diversity of the local area as well “I am in the neighborhood group and we work closely with Local authority to improve our community” (RS21, F, U.K.). Their notable work is including the vocational training aim for the incoming migrant to help them get better access to economic opportunity. “I took the course offer by the local government, it helped me get a better job” (RS14, M, Malaysia). This finding is similar to the one pointed out by Kesten “it has ability to foster dialogue and interaction…show more content…
The ICS results also showed that they considered the local neighborhood to be economically vibrant. As per the aspect of rightly defined diversity, every respondent is proud and cherish the image of Singapore as the global city. They love the way that it is so diverse in all of the local district and the identity of Singapore is that of a mixture of socio-cultural groups. “I like it here because of the diversity and the global city atmosphere” (RS22, F, U.K.) and “We love the diversify environment here, both eastern and western are joining together to form Singapore” (RS2, M, China). In the issue of language assistance, it is apparent to us that they are doing very well in Singapore, the information is mainly provided in three to four language, the native also very good with English, Malay and Chinese. Singapore case is the only place in our comparative case study that the respondents feel that there is commonplace diversity in their local neighborhood. “I am talking about the everyday encounter of this diversity notion as well. It makes all the citizen overcome the feeling of otherness” (RS22, F, U.K.)

It is also apparent to us that among the three case study, the neighborhood master plan of Singapore is well defined and structured. The next part is our analyses on the three neighborhood of 1. Clementi, 2. Holland village and 3. Tiong Bahru in more detail (history background, main characteristic and its’ neighborhood master plan

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