Globalization And Local Culture

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I will share the illustration of both the tension between local culture and globalization, and as well the opportunities afforded by globalization. We should first of all ask what globalization is. Globalization is the integration of economics, political, and cultural system across the globe. However, other critics view it as an Americanization of the world culture, a means by which the U.S to systematically dominate the world affaires? Globalization has a profound implication on culture identity and media, such as chains of restaurants, movies, music’s, and TV shows in various countries in an unprecedented speed. For example, in Canada, the cultures of the U.S dominate every product regardless of the effort of the Canadian government to preserve…show more content…
Today, globalization allowed me to travel from my home land in 2007 to live in a very different culture and settings in the Nederland. Although, the Nederland is now my new country as we speak, being that I have friends in Germany and France, which gives me the opportunity to learn French and the germane language as well, including English and Dutch language, I can now burst of four different languages that I can speak fluently right at this moment. Globalizations have practically opened my eyes and expose me to a diverse culture and languages, most especially in the Nederland; you are compel to attend a language school to learn the Dutch language to enhance your communication and writing skills and as well to have the common knowledge of the society.
Explain how the spread of the American political and economic models have impacted cultures.
The spread of American political and economic models have impacted cultures through what is known as Americanization out of the U.S, this term has been used since 190. The U.S has used its popular culture, media, technology, cuisine, business practices, and political technique to influence other countries culture. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union 1989-91, Americanization became more prevalent through the widespread of internet such Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Uber, American business and brand
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Vast majority of Muslim countries don’t want to embrace western values, for instance, in Saudi Arabia, no voting right is guaranteed, ban has been placed on selling of Dog and cats, western movies, alcohols as well as internet access which they consider as a western encroachment on their cultures (, 2008). In regards to language culture, France, Canada French speaking province of Quebec, China in particular has done everything possible to protect its language from any invasion by other
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