Local Government In Pakistan

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Local Government in Pakistan
Subject: Either democracy or Autocracy is better for economic growth in Pakistan
Name: Abida Khanum
Registration no: 01171611008
Submitted to: Dr. Ume Laila
Dated: Nov10, 2017 Quaid-e-azam University, Islamabad.

Economic Growth by either Democracy or Autocracy
In terms of macroeconomic performance, the country has fared considerably better during military rule. Economic growth during military regimes averaged 6.1 per cent compared to four per cent during civilian regimes. Just to comprehend the quantum of this seemingly small difference, the flood of 2010 that affected two-thirds of the country’s districts, is estimated to have affected GDP growth by two percentage points. Although all three sectors of the economy — agriculture, industry and services — performed better during military regimes, the industrial sector has been the biggest beneficiary of the military muscle and has recorded twice as much growth compared to that achieved under civilian rule. Similarly, the current account balance has historically been healthier during military regimes.
The effect of the stronger macroeconomic performance during military regimes did, in fact, translate into something more meaningful for ordinary citizens. The average level of inflation during civilian rule has been almost double that under military rule. However, the percentage of population living below the poverty line did not differ significantly.
On the matter of resource generation
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