Local Government And Community Development

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According to Davids et al (2005), local government refers to the sphere of government that is closest to the people. Local government is defined as a sphere of government located within communities and well-placed to appropriately respond to local needs, interests and expectations of communities according to Koma (2010). The local government make sure that people are at the Centre of local development initiatives. Local government has to perform civic duties and utilitarian duties. Local government are responsible for providing local communities a platform to participate in the affairs of local governance and they have to ensure that people has access to service delivery. Local government is guided by the constitution and white paper. The…show more content…
Local government is closer to the people and it has been created to involve communities in decision-making in local government. During apartheid, people were excluded and after 1994 the government wanted to change the structures and institutional arrangements to bring democratic government and that will be able to transform disadvantaged communities. Political development enables individuals or communities to participate in the structures of local government. The local government has been given a mandate by the constitution of South Africa 1996. Local government has to provide a democratic and accountable government for local government. Provide basic services in a sustainable manner within their financial and physical capacity (Reddy and Sabelo, 1997). They have to ensure that there is a provision of services in a sustainable manner. They should encourage community members and community organizations to engage or participate in the affairs of local government. Local government have two essential responsibilities, they have to provide citizens with a platform for participating in decision making process and serving as a vehicle which citizens can utilize in regulating matters to their community (Amtaika, 2013). Local government has to align their administrations, budgeting and planning processes to the social, economic and political development of their areas and communities (Reddy and Sabelo, 1997). Local government should promote social development and economic development. They also have to promote a safe and healthy environment. Local government has to promote also the bill of rights. Provide mechanisms through which communities and community organizations in their areas may participate in these processes

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