Sex Trafficking Literature Review

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2.1 Local Law Enforcement
Law enforcement is one of the factors that can lead to high rate of a trafficking activities especially in child and sex trafficking. According to UNHCR (2011), on Malaysia, it has stated that the government does not fully comply with the minimum standards to eliminate trafficking, even so reported that the government is making significant efforts to curtail human trafficking.
A part from that, The federal government United States has prioritized human trafficking particularly in women and children prosecution and expect local law enforcement to become the eyes and ears for recognizing, uncovering and respond to circumstances that may appear to be a human trafficking cases (U.S. Department of Justice, 2004). Prioritization
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According to President of The Women’s International Peace Movement emphasizing on the importance of eliminating the root causes of human trafficking such as the lack of education (Human Trafficking and Crossroads, 2009). Education is essential to help people understanding life and its purpose because without education people will take advantage on us especially in term of crime. Inadequate information is one of the factor that contribute to child sex trafficking as, (Lim, 1998) has said education, awareness rising and advocacy programs are important preventive measure to send women and children into the sex sector. Through education the community can avoid and take positive action to prevent any children to be involve in child sex trafficking. A bad education platform and small number of opportunities provide by the government or by enforcement agencies will create more victims because children especially did not have enough knowledge to determine the direction of…show more content…
Hence, lack education is one of the factors that will contribute people being trafficked.
According to Anisah (2014), Education Minister II has admitted that Malaysia’s education system was below par as shown in global ranking and cited Putrajaya’s National Education Blueprint as the solution. It is supported by Sheridan (2014), the poor quality of malaysia’s education is more worrying then the level of debt in its household said by Dr. Frederico Gil Sender Senior World Bank Economy. The result of the poor education standard brings the effect to the Malaysia. In result, we can refer to the Hartini statement in first element in chapter 2.
As most of the victims of sex abuse are children in the age under 18, the ministry will ensure that all the children entering school have already participated in every childhood education, regardless of socio-economic status. We will increase the numbers and diversity of pre-school to make them broadly accessible, while raising the quality of early childhood education service across the broad (Ministry of Education,
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