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Five Local Restaurants Not To Miss For Your Next Trip To Hong Kong
So you are a foodie, and very tempted to visit Hong Kong that is known as a food heaven to a wide variety of delectable cuisines? From roadside stalls to fine dining restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice in this relatively small-sized city that offers so much. It’s likely you will be overwhelmed and lost by what to eat and where to go so that you don’t waste the calorie intake. As a guide to the representative food options in the “Pearl of the Orient”, read on for a suggested itinerary on the five local restaurants you should not miss in a day!
Breakfast at Australia Dairy Company
Try a typical Hong Kong-style western breakfast at this quintessential
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Before you think that the bun contains pineapple, nope, it doesn’t. It is so named because the soft fluffy bread with a sugary crust resembles the shape of a pineapple. The Kam Wah version serves it with a piece of butter stuffed into the middle of the bun. The pineapple bun is really delish, with a lightly toasted till crispy crust, soft and fluffy fragrant bun and butter of perfect texture. Pair it with a signature cup of hot coffee, milk tea, or yuan yang (coffee mixed with tea) for a heavenly combination of the Hong Kong-style afternoon tea!

Dinner at Chopsticks Kee
Hop over to Hong Kong Island for dinner at this small quaint shop – Chopsticks Kee, which serves unique local fare, something similar to the cart noodles, called che zai mian locally where you get to choose the toppings you like. To get to Chopsticks Kee, exit at D2 at Central Station on the blue Hong Kong Island line and the shop is about a 6-minute walk away (Address: Shop A1, Khuan Ying Commercial Building, 85-89 Wellington Street, Central. Phone:
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You can choose the dry or soup version, select the toppings you like into your bowl of noodles, and finally the type of gravy to go with your noodles. The plate of dry thick noodles with the recommended Cantonese-style satay gravy and four toppings: kai lan vegetables, curry fish balls, bean curd and large intestines you see in the picture will cost you 37 HKD (4.80 USD) with a soft drink. This is a large portion and you will feel so full and satisfied after finishing the big plate of yummy noodles.

Supper at Cong Sao Star Dessert
Yes, I know your stomach probably can’t take in anymore food having eaten so much in a day. But surely you don’t want to miss the famous Hong Kong desserts? Besides, Cong Sao Star Dessert is voted as the best dessert shop in 2015, known for its large variety of dessert choices and the generous ingredients used for making desserts. They have three branches in Hong Kong and you can proceed to the branch near Causeway Bay Station exit A, three stops east of Central Station on the Hong Kong Island line (Address: G/F, 11 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay. Phone:

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