Local Self Government And Social Harmony

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Role of local self government in promoting social harmony Social harmony constitutes principle of social justice, tolerance, mutual respect for different cultural groups and element of fraternity. It also extends its scope to a setup where people have a reason to value their lives, where they lead a prosperous and safe life, where conditions of social inequalities are absent and where a peaceful and secure environment creates feeling of mutual trust and respect between different groups. UNESCO universal declaration defines social harmony as: “Social harmony is about maintaining a level of equilibrium in economic terms in civil society. The natural tensions that exist within any plural human collective are ameliorated through cross cultural understanding, respecting, iteratively renegotiating and maintaining a level of balance in the power relations, resources, functioning and capacities between potentially conflicting groups, whether these be based on broadly economic, political, social, racial and religious or cultural distinctions”. Hence for the emergence of harmonious relationship between different conflicting groups that exist in a society, it is important that power relations and resources are distributed on equal terms in economic, political, social, racial, religious and cultural spheres. But as an observer, what it means when one talks about distribution of resources and power relations in economic sphere. Does emergence of social

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