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#1) Source A is responding to the issue of how would being a locavore would help us ‘survive’. Survive, meaning decreasing greenhouse pollutants that are warming our globe, global warming can raise the temperature to the point where humans will eventually suffer the consequences like dying or/and an increase in temperature. Source A argues we should take care of our economy first by purchasing from local food markets. By buying from U.S based farms, we decrease our carbon footprint from not buying foreign countries; which have to export loads of produce on planes to the U.S.
#2) The root of our problem is the U.S relying its produce source from foreign nations, instead of supporting farmers located in the U.S. This is a problem because exporting goods from one country to another leads to more
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The U.S’ economy is based on consumers’ demands, meaning what you buy is what the U.S will provide and sell. If consumers stopped buying an item, meaning there are no demands for it, the U.S has no reason to supply it.
#4) The locavore movement suggests the solution of buying locally; which will support local farmers, instead of foreign distributors. This would cut the demand of foreign shipped produce and lead to the decrease of the pollution caused by transporting foreign goods.
#5) The locavore movement addresses the issue of the U.S’ economy being based on foreign nations which leads to the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, this is dangerous to U.S citizens concerned with job opportunities and concerning for everyone who will be affected with the Earth’s increasing temperature.
#6) The locavore movement is one of the best solutions because it solves the issue of decreasing global warming. Also, it provides job opportunities and support for U.S’ farmers. As well as encouraging the public to purchase produce grown nearby because it is fresher, hence more nutritious and better

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