Locavore Dbq

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Locavores are misinformed idealist who believe in changing the world by eating locally. They believe by eating locally, they are improving their carbon footprint, help the local economy, and creating a more nutritional diet. However, locavores are ignorant of many situations such as many people’s lives depend on trade and that many places are not suitable for farming. Even though a locavore’s heart is heading in the right direction, but their efforts are misguided. One of the main goals of the locavore in supporting eating locally is to improve their carbon footprint. They believe that transporting food emits an increasing amount of greenhouse gases. However, in document D, it shows that production such as water usage, fertilizer types, processing…show more content…
For example, New York is one of the busiest places in the US. One cannot possible just build a farm in New York and expect to eat locally. In addition, recently, California has been in a drought. Many farms in Southern California are out of business because of the harsh fines on water usage. Many countries experience harsh weather conditions. For example, the inhabitants of Alaska. Alaska receives two-hundred inches of snow each year; which is an impossible climate to grow plants. Alaskan’s buy their food from supermarkets which are shipped from around the world. People can eat healthier by eating local foods, but they can not be ignorant of mother…show more content…
Most of the green beans in the UK were bought in Kenya. Sending greens beans on a plane takes a lot of energy, but it is the livelihoods of 1.5 million sub-Saharan farmers. Therefore, it is a sacrifice the United Kingdom is willing to take. Ultimately, eating healthier, a more nutritious diet is beneficial but there are many other concerns locavores are ignorant of. They are ignorant of the livelihoods of sub-Saharan farmers, the production rate of producing food, and that simply many places are not applicable to farming. If one truly wants to eat healthier, they can try local farmer’s markets, but it is not possible to change the whole community to eat
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