Locavore Movement Analysis

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Forward thinkers partaking in the Locavore movement-- the communal switch over to consuming goods produced within certain geographical boundaries --are eating, living, and flourishing off of the land on which they live. Hypothetically speaking, if one community were to identify as a society of locavores, it may benefit nutritionally, environmentally, and micro-economically, but perhaps reversely affect the nation in regards the macroeconomic outlook and consistency. In terms of one American community, the localization of goods and services is capable of producing positive change nutritionally, environmentally, and micro-economically. Most affected by locavorism is the amount of nutrition delivered to the community through their diets. A common…show more content…
When a nation as a whole-- towns, cities, and communities --all coexist economically in harmony, the overall GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is raised dramatically. If said towns, cities, and communities isolated themselves, they wouldn’t be able to maximize nationwide production and consumption. Agriculture in America greatly affects the national economy, after all $2.3 billion was “set aside . . . for specialty crops,” (source C). Without the trucking, flying, and various shipping of goods across the country alongside the actual purchasing of them, the nationwide economy would be susceptible to weakening. Also important is the consistency of the products consumed. Due to climate differences, people living in northern Canada or Alaska cannot possibly produce the same goods as those who live near the equator. Adjacently, if the proposed Alaskan or Canadian residents have based their daily diets off the opposite communities’ resources and can no longer purchase their desired produce due to the boundaries set forth by food circles, their nutrition will be shifted only to the consumption of goods that can be grown and locally produced within that circle’s radius. Although there a negatives to the locavore movement that is taking America by storm, put into economical terms; the benefits outweigh the costs. Because the major negatives include only a holistic nation-wide overtaking by locavorism, positive characteristics will greatly outweigh those opposite. Communities that are eating, living, and flourishing off of the land on which they live have proven the movement to be a success. In conclusion, the immense nutritional, environmental, and microeconomical benefits to the locavore movement call for more people to participate in this wonderful
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