Modern Day Myth Essay

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Since the beginning of time human beings have been mythmakers. Myths are stories that are based on tradition and often been passed down throughout history (often through oral tradition).They may have factual beginnings; while others are completely fictional. Myths are stories/tales about characters: gods, goddesses, men, women, and heroes. Story tellers from every generation have passed down these tales and adventures. However, over time the stories have become distorted so that there often variations in the same story. However, the modern day version of the story differs from the original but the moral of the story does remain the same. Myths are more than just passed down stories; they served a purpose in the ancient world and they continue to do so today. They are sacred tales that explain man’s adventures and experience. They attempt to explain natural processes (daily motion of the sun) and customs of a society (a religious rite). They provide answers to age old questions and serve as a guiding force for each generation. They are used to teach human beings behavior that helped people live in harmony with one another .For example, the myths of a heaven like paradise give people hope that by living a moral life, they can earn a better life after their death. The myths of a Great Golden Age give people hope that there…show more content…
Tactics used to locate this creature have included underwater photography, sonar imaging, video capture, time lapsed photography, google mapping, apple mapping and countless hours of private investigation. In spite of all this research, nothing conclusive has ever been found to prove the existence of this creature. However sonar imaging did detect large unexplained objects under the water and photo enhancement appeared to show the giant flipper of a plesiosaur-like
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