Lockdown Book Report

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Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers is a novel that will keep you on your toes. Inspiration, courageousness, nervousness, and depression are all the emotions you feel while reading Lockdown. A topic based around someone making a mistake and ending up in jail isn’t easy to digest, but when the prisoner is only fourteen it’s unbelievable. While reading this book it was quite obvious Walter Dean Myers arranged a lot of research for this novel, it was written very well and full of facts. Hearing stories of gang violence, drug abuse, and shootings is a big wake up call for anyone who interprets this novel it reallys make you realize how grateful you should be for what you have. Always being a fan of sports book, I decided to test the waters and read a fiction novel. Luckily it was a great surprise! Maurice Anderson a young fourteen year old boy has been at progress which is a juvenile facility for 22 months, he has made vast improvements, but is still stuck at progress and is itching to get out. Maurice who goes by…show more content…
When Maurice is put into Progress he feels that he let a lot of people down and failed them so a majority of the book is Reese attempting to build relationships again. Maurice is in a tough spot, growing up on the streets with bad peers supporting him, but he understands that if he finds himself then he’ll be successful in life after Progress. Forgiveness is the main theme is this book because Reese goes through many dark times throughout his time in the juvenile facility, but with the help of others he grows to a strong man and rebuilds lost friendships with family members, and friends. Walter Dean Myers wrote the novel Lockdown in an emotional, thrilling, intriguing way that always keeps you on your heels and always keeps you thinking. Start to end a great read with a wonderful inspirational story that leaves the reader speechless. I have read many quality books and this is just another to add to the
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