Locked Away Forever Analysis

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In the article “Life sentence: is life without parole for juveniles cruel and unusual punishment?” by Brown Dontae and Adele Birkenes talks about juveniles getting charged as adults. This article shows how 14 year old Jackson committed murder by shooting the store clerk. Jackson and other robbers where trying to rob some video games. It didn’t turn out so pretty so they shot the man. The author for this article thought she was too young to be sentenced to life in prison. She argued how teenagers don’t have the same mind as adults. She says how teenagers wouldn’t survive a day in prison. She says how teenagers are not quiet fully developed. Teenagers aren’t ready for the big real deal. They aren’t fully developed. In a big jail they will get…show more content…
In 2010 juveniles were rebellious there where many cases where a teen was robbing and getting into fights. a case came up of a 14 year old girl she committed a crime where she got into a serious fight with one of her friends . She is now facing life in prison without parole. It is wrong to hold children as adults when they haven’t reached the age limit to be considered an “adult”. Children are not permitted the same rights and responsibilities an adult has. A child doesn’t have the same standards as an adult has. A good example is children don’t get to join the military as an adult could they must be 18 years and older to join the military. Teenagers don’t make the same decisions as an adult would. “With appropriate treatment most children who commit crimes, even the most violent crimes, can be rehabilitated and become responsible adults.”(Berger) The reason why is because their brains are still changing they are still going throw a change they are still growing. The brain where it “regulates aggression, long range planning, mental, flexibility, abstract thinking has not yet been developed.”(Berger) In the article “Justice for Juveniles” a child is tried as an adult his parents don’t want him to go to jail because they say it is too big for him, and he wouldn’t last a day in there. The judge didn’t bother to
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