The Locked Room Murder Essay

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A locked room murder
Kim’s most typical detective fiction may be a novella A Special Agent (1962) which treats a classical mystery subgenre, namely, the locked room murder. One day, an old man of great wealth Fu staying in a hotel in Hong Kong is killed in the locked room at midnight, and someone carries his body away in the confusion after the revelation of this crime. This millionaire who had usually been receiving threats always made the bodyguards watch his room, and even bolted the locked door and close windows and vents firmly at night. On the recommendation of the Manager, hotel employee Yang becomes an assistant of Wei to whom the investigation into the hotel was entrusted, and brings the outline of the case.

At five in the morning
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The facts were these: the root of the incident was in the assets of the old man. At this time, an unidentified mysterious animal witnessed on the plateau ground in East Asia was a hot topic in the media, and people trying to capture it alive and exploit in business were gathering in Hong Kong. But they needed financial support in this research. Then, his property brought him into their notice. Several groups came in contact with him to get funding, however their competing person forestalled and took him abroad after all. “The locked room murder” was just a front for this escape.

Liang gave the old man a thermos filled with blood that he had bought at the Donation Center and set the alarm for five. […] After hearing the call, the old man, according to the plan, poured the blood of the thermos on the floor and the blanket, pushed the table down, then laid down on the bed as if he had been murdered.
Liang broke into the room and shouted: “Murder!” He sent the servants to the police and shouted loudly: “Please, call the hotel Manager!” But this was an arranged sign. Two agents […], who had been hiding secretly behind the door at the end of the corridor, came into the old man’s room at once, tied Liang, brought the elderly […] to the ladder of the laundry, throw him, as well as the thermos and the ashtray, into the clothes-basket and went
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