Locked Up In America Analysis

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The justice system in the United States of America is not fair. Michelle Alexander writes a great article “Locked Up In America” describing how people gets into the justice system and how their life is when coming out of jail. People that are convicted of any crime they are labeled as criminals and felons. Criminals does not get properly punished for their crimes if they did they wouldn’t be so many people going in and out of jail. The justice system should have different ways of punishing a person according to the crime they commit, just by putting them in jail and assuming that is going to change them is not a good way of going about that. These criminals as the justice system call them they get stripped of basic civil and human rights when being released from jail. There not able to find a job, and they can’t get any government assistant. Is like the justice system wants these criminals to fail in life for they could keep going back to jail. When a person is released from jail they are considered a criminal for whatever crime they committed they are stripped of basic and civil rights.…show more content…
They just assume it was something bad and they won’t hire them. Alexander Acknowledges that “You’re now branded a criminal ,a felon, and employment discrimination is now legal against you for the rest of your life.”(Alexander3) Jobs have the right to not hire a criminal if they don’t want it is not discriminating by law. So basically if you don’t know someone that owns a business or knows someone in a job that can explain to the person that hires that you’re a change person and wants the opportunity to excel in life you will not get a job nowhere. That is not fair we I believe everyone should be able to get a second

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