Locker Room Talk Analysis

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Walter Castillo ENC 1101- PER. 5 Strong Response Essay 20 October 2015 Show of Power or Pure Entertainment? After a long day of practice as I wait for the public bus with my friend I found myself speaking of a certain event that occurred over the weekend, as me and my friend dig deeper into the conversation we spend quite a long time going over details of the experience and as the bus pulled up it seemed to us as we waited for a couple of minutes but as it happened to be we had been waiting for a little short of an hour as we were too entertained to even noticed the time we had been waiting . According the article the conversation I was having with my friend was “Locker Room Talk”; the title of his article. The author uses his personal experiences…show more content…
Dunn generalizes the male population in a way that may be degrading and fails to acknowledge key points due to its narrow angle of vision. The author reads too much into a very simple topic as men just use locker room talk as a mean of entertainment. Mr. Dunn has very little credibility as he doesn’t have any research, concrete scientific experiments, or data to support his conclusion and thesis. Stephen Dunn fails to engage the readers emotionally as he uses very emotionally unattached language and…show more content…
The author uses a very strong angle of vision which hinders the article as a whole. In the article the author doesn’t acknowledge any other points of view he restricts his article to his view and his experiences only, making it difficult to believe in his point in general as he only uses his own angle of vision and only his experiences. The author’s experiences used in the article are very limited as he himself is only a spectator to the locker room talk. Mr. Dunn completely fails to even mention couples and females in the article confining his article to single men in their early adulthood, he also puts forth a very degrading and negative view of men in general failing to show that not all men are participant in this and making it seem as all men care about is their
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