Lockerbie Crash: The Night Of Horror

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Lockerbie Crash Wednesday, December 21, 1988, was known as “The Night of Horror”, which was a day that affected hundreds of families and friends forever. On the evening right before Christmas, a plane filled with two hundred and seventy people, many being American college students flying home for Christmas to visit their families, was brought down by a bomb inside the plane. The bomb was in a suitcase loaded on the plane, which was believed to be placed there by terrorists. When the plane was brought down, it did a profusion of damage to Lockerbie, Scotland, a slim population of four thousand people. There were many effects from the Pan Am Flight 103 crash relating to deaths, environmental wreckage, as well as the amount of time and evidence…show more content…
Two hundred and fifty-nine people boarded Pan Am Flight 103, there were no survivors when the plane went down. Eleven people died on land from all of the wreckage falling at a high speed. Passengers in the first two rows were shot out of the sky. A lot of these people were sucked into full force, running engines. Many of the others were in a place on the plane that reached very high temperatures. 60% of the people at this point were alive but not conscious, it was only a matter of time before they would die ("What Really Happened on Flight 103?"). The youngest person that died in this tragedy was only 9 weeks old, the oldest being a seventy-nine-year-old woman. On board, there were people from a total of twenty-one different countries, but most of them being American. The first corpses were brought to town hall, but not all the bodies could fit, so they had to take the rest of them in a hockey stadium because the temperature held off the smells and decay. There was thirty-five Syracuse University students in the exchange program for six to twelve months that were heading home to visit their families for Christmas that boarded the plane ("What Really Happened on Flight
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