Locke's Argument In Two Different Forms Of Government

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In order to determine whose idea of government is to be agreed upon, the proper way is to take into consideration why there exist two completely different ideologies of government where both forms of government believe are born generally with good nature. Like stated above, Locke believes people are fitted with understanding ( Locke two treatises ex. 77) and are under the “ law of nature’ where no one would want to hurt anyone ( Locke two treatises ex.6) and similarly, Godwin believes that men are born naturally “benevolent to their fellows’. However, both of them agreed that there will be an irrational and a greedy side of humans. The difference in their ideologies is their perspective on human nature against time. Locke is firm on the idea of having a government because he sees no change in human nature and there will forever be a need for political authority to govern the people. On the contrary, Godwin believes that one day men will be able to be fully rational and there should be no political power or governments. However, no man, even in the world of today, where education, science and philosophy have…show more content…
Firstly, having said that everyone is different in rationality, in the case of the bread thief, whose opinion is right and whose is wrong? The fairest answer should be decided based on the rationality of the majority and Locke's idea of the government is ruled by the majority (Locke two treatises ex. 95). Last but not least, it is a government who believes in the equality of all men and treats the whole community as one (Locke two treatises ex. 95) and this will prevent any form of discrimination. Therefore, there will not be an upper class or lower class of people and this will prevent the tyranny of the rich and also the other problems that may
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