Lockie Leonard Character Analysis

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Lockie Leonard: Human Torpedo

Even though Lockie is sometimes grumpy and is involved in conflicts with his fellow students and teachers, he often surprises others with his acts of kindness and consideration. The protagonist of the novel, Lockie Leonard is a compIcated mix of both negative and positive characteristics. This is seen through his attitude and behaviour throughout the novel. Attitudes influence our choices, which directly affect our responses. There are times where Lockie is found in a positive mood, and usually approaches the matter at hand with a positive attitude, but there are also times where Lockie isn’t in such a good mood and often hurts others because of his choices. Then there are times where he thinks beyond his emotions and surprises others with acts of consideration and general happiness. Ultimately, Lockie isn’t a bad person, or someone that
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This may be because he learns that it isn’t right to take your anger out on those you love. Lockie decides to ring Vickie as a result of his curiosity regarding the current status of their relationship. After some off-topic chatting, Vickie quickly got to the point saying ‘Forget it, Lockie’ (Winton 1990:127) then, ‘Us. Forget it. It’s over’ (Winton 1990:127) and to top it off, ‘I am finished with you. No friends crap, orright?’ (Winton: 1990:127). Lockie was obviously feeling very negative emotions at that time, and most likely wanted to flip out. This is proven by Tim Winton’s statement ‘He felt all shaky and busted’ (Winton: 1990:127). Instead of Lockie showing his negative emotions through his negative actions, he restrained himself and was able to act in a much more pleasant manner. This proves my first statement, that even when Lockie is found in a negative mind set, he is able to control his emotions and force himself to make positive choices and
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