Loco: The Greek God

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Loco is a god found in areas of Haiti, West Africa and the Caribbean Islands. He can also be referred to as the Patron of Healers and Plants, God of Trees, and Spirit of Vegetation. He may be called upon in Voodoo customs by priests and priestesses. Loco is a nature deity because he is thought to work with all kinds of plants, although he is generally connected with trees and their leaves which he provides properties of healing to, specifically the Kapok or Ceiba tree, also referred to as the Cheese or Wool tree. Loco may be invoked to aid in healing, particularly with healing through the use of plants. It is suggested to request permission from Loco before collecting herbs and vegetation and to ask him for knowledge in how best to use plants…show more content…
He is associated with creativity, painting, love, pleasure, feasting, summer and, of course, flowers. He originated in the Mesoamerica regions of central Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and northern Costa Rica. Some believe he is a manifestation of the sun god, Piltzintecuhtli and supreme sun god, Tonatiuh. Xochipilli is directly connected with Centéotl, the ‘Corn-flower Prince’, also called Centéotl -Xochipilli (the 7th Lord of the Day). He has been also called the Fat God during the Pre-Classic to Classic period, possibly due to his association with feasting. According to Aztec myths, he has two brothers, the god of medicine, health and dancing, Ixtlilton and the god of games, Macuilxochitl. The three brothers together represent happiness, pleasure and health. Common offerings to Xochipilli were corn and an alcoholic drink called pulque at festivals during the growing season. A famous sculpture of Xochipilli, adorned with butterflies, a symbol of the sun and psychotropic flowers and hallucinogenic mushrooms can be found at the Mexico City National Museum of Anthropology. Xochipilli is created wearing a mask, sitting cross-legged, portrayed as happy, a symbol of the positive things in
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