Locus Of Control (LOC): An Analysis

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The concept of Locus of Control (LOC) was developed by an American psychologist, Julian B. Rotter (October 22, 1916- January 6, 2014). He defined it as a personality dimension which basically helps to explain the behaviour of an individual. It defines the extent to which an individual thinks he/she can control the events which affect him/her. It is the tendency of a person to see the events as being controlled internally or externally (Naik, 2015). Generally, the term locus of control means the generalized expectancy about the degree to which one thinks that he/she can control outcomes of his/her actions. It has a very important place in the Personality Psychology. LOC is a notion that either we can control something or something can control…show more content…
It helps to explain one’s behaviour. It is defined as a tendency which characterizes an individual’s perspective about his self-independence and control by others (Corsini, 1999). It refers to the individuals’ perception regarding the underlying causes of different events that take place in their lives and also the ability to control over what happens to them. It is defined as a personality trait. Locus of Control is a personality dimension which helps to explain an individual’s trait and behaviours and refers to his/her very general, cross-situational belief about what determines the reinforcement in life (Haggbloom, Warnick, and Warnick,…show more content…
People with internal locus of control (ILOC) generally believe that events in their life derive from their own actions, whereas people with external locus of control (ELOC) are unable to control their outcomes and praise or blame the external factors only like luck, chance, destiny etc. Individuals having ILOC are known as ‘internals’ and ELOC as ‘externals’ (Amina, 2016). Internals put effort to mprove their skills for future success, but it is absent in case externals, as they feel the future outcome will be determined by luck, fate etc. (Darley and Lim,

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