Indulgent Leadership Style

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• Indulgent Management(Country Club Leader) is a leadership style where the leader is more concerned about the comforts of the individuals involved in a task, which indirectly increases the productivity of the tasks. I belong to this group of leadership style because when I am in- charge of a team, I give importance for my teammates to choose what they are comfortable with, so they can do their specific task effectively. I have carried out this style every time I do a group assignment and also when I conducted a cultural program in the university where I studied before. But this type of management will not easily meet the organisational goals and the way in which individuals oversee. I am an extrovert. I always like to maintain all my relationships. Even though I build a strong relationship with my teammates, this style results in a relaxed work environment and reduces the execution of the task on a day to day basis. I realise that even if my teammates does not accomplish their daily tasks, I need to motivate them to bring out better results on the days when they indeed work for the task. I would rate myself to be 8 on individuals and 1.5 - 2 on errands.
• Authoritarian Management(Dictatorial Leader) is a leadership style where the leader deploy his team towards a common vision
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Ethical leaders must act ethically, make decisions ethically and also lead ethically. The ability to set aside ones ego and personal interest and also the willingness to encourage and take feedback are the main components of ethic al leadership. Philosophy does not constitute ethical leadership. Philosophies include the virtue theory, deontological theory and the theological theory. I am an ethically neutral leader. My frankness and openness has put me into trouble most of the time. This might happened because my individual ethics is different from the corporate ethics. I am more of a moral person than a moral
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