Logan's Promise Case Study

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I did my Senior Project with Ireland Miller, and together we worked with Logan’s Promise. Logan’s Promise is an organization that spreads awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving. It was formed when a drunk driver was driving the wrong way on University Parkway and hit a car, filled with three Reitz students, head on. Two were badly injured and my brother, Logan Brown, was killed. From that horrific event Logan’s Promise was formed. Together the organization hosts and attends events raising money and distributing merchandise to spread the word about the dangers of drinking and driving. The money raised goes towards a scholarship that goes to one student from all EVSC schools that exhibits good leadership skills and would be a good…show more content…
Together we worked with our mentor Ronetta Stuckey. She is the schedule coordinator and graphic designer for the organization. She works in the Publication building at University of Southern Indiana. We also worked with the head of the entire organization, Charles Brown. From this project I learned how closely connected the Evansville community is. Many people came together and help out in various ways for the organization. From donations to volunteering time and resources; the people and companies of Evansville have been so generous and helpful. Another thing I learned from this project is how dangerous drinking and driving can be. People die from drinking and driving all the time and since Logan’s Promise formed I have had who run businesses tell me that their alcohol sales have drastically dropped. Logan’s Promise is really making a difference. Seeing all the help, concern, and generosity of the people involved has impacted me greatly. This person was my brother and to see how many people cared about him and want to make sure nothing like this ever happens again is just such a warming feeling. The only problem I really had was when the events that are hosted for Logan’s Promise, such as the Evansville Aces West Side Night, I got emotional during the times when the announcers talked about my brother’s death. I struggled to be happy at these events because when I take a step back I saw all the money being raised and people…show more content…
I feel as though the people we really need to be speaking to are the generations after me. The people who can already drink understand the dangers and can make their own decisions, but the younger kids may not realize just how often drunk driving deaths occur. I recommend this project for future seniors because it is a humbling experience, and it is just amazing how much the people who are really dedicated care. It is definitely something that I think everyone should get involved in. I would give myself an A on this project because I was dedicated and worked very hard on this. I took on leadership roles in the events, raised money, distributed merchandise, and attended every single event that the organization had. I also feel strongly about the cause and if I do well on this project then that means that I have touched the reader of this essay and made a difference already. If I do well on this project then that means that I have done what should have been done, made a
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