Loggers In The Amazon Rainforest

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Have you ever heard that every year the Amazon Rainforest is losing 78 million acres of land every year? Well it’s sadly true, the reason it’s happening is because of all the jobs in Brazil. That’s what’s hurting it and destroying the Forest, people are trying to do everything to get back the Amazon Rainforest.

In 1960 Brazil was the 11th largest economy in the world, everyone in a very populated country can’t be rich. Brazil poor population was one quarter, the government had to do something with all the poor people who didn’t have jobs to get one. So the government thought why not put them in the Amazon Rainforest and make them farmers, the government tried to persuade them to move them there. The government wouldn’t just stick them
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They impact The combination of selective logging and wildfire damage turns these once lush rainforests into measly scrubs of smaller trees and vines, which stores 40 percent less carbon than undisturbed forests. It’s important because if the 40% keeps growing more and more every year then the time we know it the rainforest will be gone. Loggers don’t just cut down trees they also make roads in the rainforest, also they also clear areas for farmers and cattle ranchers, which needs a lot of land to feed lots of cows and plants that need space because of their roots. When loggers cut down trees what will happens to all the animals that live in the trees? The animals will have to find a new home in the rainforest, but then what will happen when all the trees are gone? Where they go?…show more content…
But was destroying it by putting lots of plants in the same area then it losses nutrition then they have to go to a new spot and do the same thing again and again. I also talked about how the ranchers destroyed the rainforest because cattle don’t belong in the rainforest and cattle eat grass and when they eat all the grass they move to a new spot and they have to cut down the trees to build a house and live there until the cattle has eaten all the grass and there's no more. The logger which cuts down lots of trees and losses animals homes. Last but not least the environmental groups, they try to save the rainforest because we destroyed it in the first
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