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1- Discuss the business and legislative changes that resulted in an increased awareness of the sourcing of transportation and logistics activates. There are several changes that resulted in an increased awareness of the sourcing of transportation and logistics activates such us the transportation and logistics carriers should be more open and aware of the market and sourcing to have to compete others. The services also should be aware of others and try to offer rewards to have more customers. 2- What are the benefits associated with maintaining control and visibility of transportation shipments? there are many benefits that are associated with maintaining control and visibility of transportation shipments such as the tracking of the shipments…show more content…
The 3LP serve in many functions such as delivery services, supply chain planning, packaging documentation, customs brokers, warehousing operations, and basically most of the logistic services. 6- Discuss the conditions under which a buyer might prefer that a third party logistics providers arrange and control the transportation and storage of purchased items a buyer might prefer a 3LP when it comes to tracking services, mode selection, carrier cost and management. If buyers would plan all these by themselves, it might cost them extra money, therefore preferring a 3LP to do all the job is much better and a smart move to start a business. 7- Compare and contrast the relative costs and service advantages and disadvantages of air, motor, water, pipeline, and rail carriers. Advantages Disadvantages air - Fast - Reliability - Good for small and light shipments - costly - material and fuel is costly - not good for large shipments motor - flexibility - reliability - JIN services - Door to door services - costly for long distance - low productivity - depends on weather condition water - cheap - good for large and heavy…show more content…
Therefore, these performance metrics can help 3LP to measure transportation system. 11- One of the benefits often cited by third-party logistics providers is their ability to provide access to critical performance and operating data. Explain what is mean by this statement 3LP is a basically a firm that managing the need of logistical services in a business. Therefore, 3LP share a lot of information between them and the business and it is necessary to have access to critical and timely data in order to make a better decision for the business. 12- Provide some examples of spending that would fall under the category of services versus indirect spending. What is the difference between the two? Indirect spending is a buyer purchasing a service or goods like computers, equipment … etc. Spending category is the amount of a total purchased of the services and goods that are from indirect

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