Lois Lowry: The Giver's Professional Life

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Lois Lowry
She has written more than thirty children books including “the Giver”.
Personal Life
Lois Ann Hammersberg was born in 1937 in Honolulu in Hawaii. Her parents were called Katherine Gordon Landis and Robert E. Hammersberg. Her father was part Norwegian and her mother was part German. Lois was both a little sister and a big sister. Her older sister was called Helen and her little brother was called Jon. Her sister Helen died in 1962 at the age of only 28 of cancer. This incident was the background of her first book, “A Summer to Die”, which is about a young girl who tragically loses her older sister. Her brother Jon, who’s six years younger than Lois, grew up to be a doctor. When Lois was 2 years old, she and her family moved from Hawaii to Brooklyn in New York. This happened in 1939. They moved to Tokyo after the war because her father was stationed there from 1948-1950. In 1950 they moved back to New York where Lois began in high school.
She married Donald Grey in 1956 and they had four children together: daughters Alix and Kristin, and sons Grey and Benjamin.
Professional Life
In 1977, Lowry published her first novel, “A Summer to Die”, which was based on her own experience of losing her older sister Helen at a young age, as I wrote earlier. She was also going through some personal changes around
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He is the current Receiver of Memory. He carries doses of memories of the world, and suffers from the pain contained within the memories. Because The Giver is unable to share his work with anyone in the community, because they would never understand, he seems lonely. His life is totally different from the lives of other citizens in the community. He lives in a room called the Annex, a room unlike every other room in the community. He can lock his door and turn off the speaker, he has luxurious fabrics on his furniture and walls lined with shelves from top to bottom, holding thousands of
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