Lois Simmie Biography

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What happens when a person picks up a book and it leads to one’s purpose becoming clear? Chances are that somewhere along the line something you have read has inspired you to think or to take action. In 1980, although she didn’t know it at the time, Lois Simmie discovered a little heard of story that would lead her to ensure that readers would be called to think deeply about social circumstance and develop concern for others. While working in a bookstore, Simmie came across a booklet titled Murder in Uniform by Christina Stewart and Lynne Hudson, “It told the story of John Wilson, the only member of the RNWTMP, including RCMP, to ever be tried and executed for a crime.” -Simmie (p.215). If you had asked Simmie on that day if she had discovered…show more content…
Books were read and sympathy was felt for the victim Polly. The biography was acclaimed and Simmie’s master piece became a recommended resource in the Saskatchewan high school English Language Arts curriculum in 1999. This was the pinnacle of the author 's career. Simmie now had a sustainable income as a result of being able to share the tragedy experienced by Polly Wilson by giving her, the victim, a voice. Simmie’s goal had been fulfilled beyond expectations. Being added to the Saskatchewan provincial curriculum within the first four years of being published is a measurement of proof demonstrating that her ambition was genius. Financial gain aside, Simmie would now and forever have peace of mind through knowing and having told Polly’s side of the story. Simmie’s diligence in writing had proved to be worthwhile. Today, in Saskatchewan, whenever a group of grade twelve students read The Secret Lives of John Wilson, Polly Wilson is resurrected and becomes the recipient of the so desperately needed sympathy and understanding that she yearned for at the
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