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Lois Simmie became a fixture in Canadian curriculums due to her dedication directed towards uncovering the truth about what happened to Polly Wilson near Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. The Secret Lives of John Wilson is studied by high school students/adult students across the country. RNWMP Sgt. John Wilson’s (Jack Wilson’s) murder of his first wife Mary Hutchinson, Polly Wilson, was a story that not too many people have heard about prior to publication. Simmie’s purpose was worthwhile considering The Secret Lives of Sgt. John Wilson was first published in August 1996. After that, many people have and will continue to become educated about the only police officer to ever be tried and hung for murder in Canadian history. Lois Simmie was…show more content…
Her book will go down in history as a means to educate students about the appalling tale of the atrocities committed by John Wilson. Simmie aimed to create a book that would repair Polly Wilson’s,also known as Mary Hutchinson’s, reputation. With each book sold, Simmie continues to accomplish the task of amending the memory of Polly as well as spreading the truth of John Wilson. “In a story carefully reconstructed from letters, police files, and court documents author Lois Simmie creates a book that is a compelling mix of true-crime, history and the vagaries of human nature” (back cover). Simmie proves to reader that though someone may be a person of the law, they may still be capable of horrendous actions and they are not above the persecution of the justice system. Love is a very powerful emotion that Simmie expresses through her writing. Love can influence your behaviours; such as travelling great distances to be with someone such as Polly, or turn your thoughts irrational and drive you to commit murder, feeling as though it is your only option, in the manner of John
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